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Space Security and Safety. Law, Management, Policy.

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Autor: Małgorzata Polkowska

 „The book delivers a complete overview of the current situation and directions of evolution in the area of space infrastructure security, on which the development of modern societies and economies depends.

The author focuses on this range of problems by dedicating a key part of the book to the subject of observational Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and, in an operational context, to Space Domain Awareness (SDA). The analysis covers range of activities of governmental and commercial organizations, and highlights the need for transparency in this area. In a detailed, yet convenient way, based on an extensive historical outline, the author analyzes the current status quo in the scope of organization and management of the increasingly crowded space traffic.

The publication is a reliable reference point and an excellent introduction to the complex subject of near-space exploration and exploitation in terms of regulatory standards and policies. Thanks to a multidimensional approach to this issue, the reader is familiarized with the technological aspect of space activities (SSA, SDA), as well as with the regulatory principles of the orbital environment protection that require consensus in the international arena”.

from the review of Daniel Kucharski, Ph.D., Research Associate
The University of Texas at Austin
Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences


„This publication focuses on Space Situational Awareness (SSA) in the broader context of space security and sustainability. It provides an overview of the current geopolitical dynamic, efforts by new countries to enter the space sector, as well as activities designed to anchor thriving space commerce. Earth observation and Space observation programmes are used to demonstrate the dual-use aspects of space technologies. It also explains the U.S. and European approaches to SSA and Space Traffic Management (STM), issues related to space cybersecurity, as well as national approaches to SSA in select countries. As such, this book should be regarded as required reading for anyone interested in the development of a comprehensive approach to space security nationally”.

from the review of Jana Robinson, Ph.D.
Space Security Program Director, Prague Security Studies Institute


Zakup grupowy


List of key acronyms


Chapter I
Intensified Space management process in the 21st century and the associated challenges

I.1. Interest with Space activity on the part of private sector

I.2. Increased quantity of satellites and their upgrade

I.3. More rapid development of private Space industry in the USA

I.4. Competition of European Space industry

Chapter II
Protection of Space in the international arena

II.1. Initiatives on the UN forum concerning secure and safe activity in Space

II.2. Proposals of code of conduct in Space

II.3. New guidelines for conduct in Space (LTS)

II.4. Adoption of UN resolutions concerning prevention of militarisation of Space

Chapter III
Earth and Space observation programmes

III.1. Earth and Space observation

III.2. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

III.3. Rules of creation and operation of SDA and SSA programmes

III.4. Role of the USA in development of SDA and SSA programmes

Chapter IV
European Space policy regarding Space security and safety and role of SSA programme

IV.1. Rules of Space security and safety policy and cooperation with NATO

IV.2. European Space systems and equipment

IV.3. European Earth and Space observation programmes

IV.4. European Consortium for Space Surveillance and Tracking (EUSST)

Chapter V
Space Traffic Management projects

V.1. Rules of creation of STM programmes

V.2. National policy of the United States regarding Space Traffic Management

V.3. Views on STM in other countries

Chapter VI
Problems of activity in cyberspace

VI.1. Cyber attacks and attempts to combat them

VI.2. Cyber attacks and NATO – defence through SSA or SDA?

VI.3. National law in EU member states against cybercrimes

Chapter VII
Space weather

Chapter VIII
Space debris

Chapter IX
Near Earth Objects

IX.1. Characteristics of asteroids (meteoroids and meteors)

IX.2. Earth protection against asteroids

Chapter X
Participation of certain countries and Canada in the SSA programme

X.1. France

X.2. United Kingdom

X.3. Germany

X.4. Italy

X.5. Spain

X.6. Other countries

X.6.1. Poland

X.6.2. Belgium

X.6.3. Netherlands

X.6.4. Sweden

X.6.5. Switzerland

X.6.6. Romania

X.6.7. Portugal

X.6.8. Canada

Chapter XI
SSA in Asia and Pacific countries and in the Russian Federation

XI.1. Political situation in Asia and Pacific region

XI.2. China

XI.3. Russian Federation

XI.4. India

XI.5. Japan

XI.6. South Korea

XI.7. Australia



Appendix no. 1. Guidelines for the Long-term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities

Appendix no. 2. IADC Space Debris Mitigation Guidelines


Index (personal, geographical, organisations, institutions, space treaties, agreements, projects and programmes)



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